Supplying the world with methacrylate innovations to create the goods for a sustainable society.

What we do

Röhm will reduce the carbon footprint of its products and services, helping its customers to develop sustainable products and solutions. We also want to increase the value of our products during their utilization phase in the long term.

Why we do it

We are taking responsibility considering our Earth’s load limits and adhering to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

How we do it

Sustainability is an integral part of Röhm’s business strategy worldwide. We’re addressing the five challenges of climate, resources, water, hazardous substances and chemical safety.

In these five fields of action, we focus on the implementation of our sustainability strategy:

Recycling of PLEXIGLAS®:
Post-consumer recycling of back-light units of PMMA screens

Backlight units of screens are often made of high-purity polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and are therefore ideal for chemical recycling. In this process, the polymer (PMMA) is returned to the monomer (MMA) by heating, which can then be used as a raw material for polymerizing PLEXIGLAS® or other products such as reactive resins.

Products made from this have a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared with virgin material. This process clearly distinguishes PMMA from other materials where chemical recycling only produces precursors for monomer production, such as pyrolysis oils.

“Sustainability is a fundamental driving force for economic growth and a healthier and more social world.”

Hans-Peter Hauck

Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the topic of sustainability in the management of Röhm GmbH









Algoliner is revolutionizing microalgae cultivation with the help of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds and a mobile factory

  • Algoliner develops pioneering technology for fast, cost-efficient and resource-saving construction of photobioreactors
  • Tubes made from PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds in a mobile factory reduce the environmental footprint of algae reactors
  • Brand PMMA’s transparency allows highly efficient production of sustainable biomass