PLEXIGLAS® is the ideal material for vehicle lighting applications, as the signal effect and spectacular light design depend not only on the light source, but also on light guides, lenses and color-stable light covers. Automotive manufacturers value the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm for its outstanding optical and aesthetic properties, moldability and resistance to UV and weathering.


Light plays a key role in modern automotive design: Unmistakable signature lights on the front and rear of the vehicle provide an emotional representation of  brands and models. The portfolio of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds offers the right material for every trend – from large taillights formed like sculptures and coast-to-coast taillights that stretch across the entire width of the vehicle rear, to long light guides at the front and rear. The brand PMMA from Röhm gets light into shape. It offers outstanding optical properties while also retaining its shape, color and UV and weather resistance for many years.

AMECA-compliant signal colors

Because PMMA is initially completely colorless, it can be colored accurately in all standardized signal colors.

Röhm offers a variety of special colors. These include further colors for signal applications and lighting engineering, as well as variants with a good covering power for coextrusion. More information on the availability of special colors can be provided on request.

The colorings listed by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA) are available for signal equipment in vehicles. These meet the requirements of SAE J576.

AMECA list and plastic specifications

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds offer these properties in vehicle lighting

  • High brilliance and transparency (92 percent light transmittance)
  • Outstanding UV and weather resistance
  • Absolute colorlessness, for precise and virtually unlimited coloring options
  • Highest surface hardness of all thermoplastics
  • Good heat deflection temperature
  • Can be processed with all thermoplastic procedures
  • 100 percent recyclable


Light covers

  • Taillights
  • Turn signals
  • Exterior mirror turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Center high-mounted stop lamps (CHMSL)

Light guides

  • Taillights
  • Turn signals
  • Front lighting (daytime running light)
  • Decorative light strips


  • Headlight lenses
  • Reflector lenses for bumpers

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for permanently UV and weather-resistant light covers

The specific combination of properties that PLEXIGLAS® offers makes it a sought-after material for light covers in automotive construction. The brand PMMA boasts outstanding light-related properties such as maximum transparency and light-guiding properties, while also being permanently resistant to UV and weathering. This means that clear PLEXIGLAS® components for taillights, light guides or turn signals retain their optical clarity and brilliance throughout the entire lifespan of the vehicle – without turning yellow or becoming brittle. Moreover, covers in signal colors remain color-stable in the long term.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds make it easier to manufacture complex shapes

Thanks to their flow properties and heat deflection temperature, PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are also very well suited for injection molding components with very large dimensions or complex shapes. What is more, taillight covers made from PLEXIGLAS® can be joined to other components precisely and without any obtrusive welding seams using the innovative laser welding process.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds offer great design freedom for taillights

Thanks to its very good processability and the advancements in LED lighting technology, this product opens up almost infinite options for both exterior and lighting design in automotive construction. PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are a highly sought-after material for extraordinary light designs, such as taillights with three-dimensional gradation or taillights extending across the entire vehicle width (“coast-to-coast”), thereby enhancing the signal effect and thus safety, as well as enhancing brand recognition.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for long light guides

Because PLEXIGLAS® has especially good light-guiding properties, it is suitable for light guides that either take on the function of the daytime running light or that serve as purely decorative elements, and are increasingly replacing chrome trim strips. Röhm has developed the special molding compound PLEXIGLAS® Optical HT specifically to meet market demand for long light guides and optical materials that withstand heat exposure from high-performance LEDs. The truly special feature is the combination of two properties in a single product: high optical quality and an increased heat deflection temperature for long-term service temperatures.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for front lighting

Various PMMA molding compounds from the PLEXIGLAS® Heatresist product family are available for lighting applications that demand an increased heat deflection temperature and light efficiency, such as headlight lenses and light guides on the front of the vehicle. For even higher thermal loads, Röhm’s portfolio includes PLEXIMID® molding compounds – a polymethyl methacrylimide (PMMI) with a very high heat deflection temperature and extremely stable optical values even after extensive exposure to heat.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for robust transparent components on the vehicle front

Röhm has tailored the properties of the PLEXIGLAS® Resist AG 100 molding compound to optical components on the vehicle front that are exposed to stirred-up dirt and loose chippings. This exceptionally impact-resistant molding compound offers stress crack resistance and an increased heat deflection temperature, while maintaining excellent optical properties.


PLEXIGLAS® basic grades

Depending on the type, our basic PMMA molding compounds have different physical properties such as flow capability and heat deflection temperature under load. They can be processed using all common thermoplastic processing methods.

PLEXIGLAS® Softlight

PMMA molding compounds with different diffuser effects for uniform, glare-free light scattering. They provide fascinating lighting effects from backlit covers to ambient lighting. AMECA listed for automotive lighting.

PLEXIGLAS® Edgelight

PMMA molding compounds optimized for edge lighting – even over longer distances. Uniform light extraction over the entire part surface without additional scattering foils or microstructures. Components made of PLEXIGLAS® Edgelight are crystal clear and transparent when the light is switched off. AMECA listed for automotive lighting.

PLEXIGLAS® 8N / 8N plus

PMMA molding compound with high heat deflection temperature and slightly inferior flow than PLEXIGLAS® 7N for injection molding of technical components with higher demands on heat deflection. AMECA listed for automotive lighting. PLEXIGLAS® 8N plus additionally offers easier demolding.

PLEXIGLAS® Resist AG 100

This PMMA molding compound combines very high impact-resistance with high heat deflection temperature and mechanical strength. A typical feature is the reduction in reversible haze at very high and low temperatures AMECA listed for automotive lighting.


This crystal clear special PMMA molding compound combines high optical quality and increased long-term service temperature. Ideally suited for high-power LED lenses and long light guides. AMECA listed for automotive lighting.


Polymethyl methacrylimide (PMMI) molding compounds with an extremely high heat deflection temperature and increased resistance to chemicals and stress cracking. For high-temperature applications such as headlamp lenses and high-power LED. Stable optical values after long-term exposure to heat.

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PLEXIGLAS® Molding compounds

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