Depending on the basic molding compound, the impact-modified grades differ in their key properties, such as optimized flow or stress crack resistance. They are suitable for extruding and coextruding profiles and sheets and for injection molding formed parts.

zk Series

Impact-modified grade with higher impact strength. Suitable for extruding and coextruding profiles and sheets and for injection molding formed parts.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk20
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk30
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk40
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk50


With its special optical characteristics and balanced property spectrum, the zkBR series is the basis for impact-modified PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk4BR
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5BR
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6BR

zkHC Series

This series is characterized by even higher stress crack resistance than that of PLEXIGLAS® zkBR molding compounds.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk4HC
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5HC
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6HC

zkHF Series

The special feature of this series of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds as compared with other impact-modified grades is its excellent flow.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5HF
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6HF

AG 100

PLEXIGLAS® Resist for vehicle glazing is a complete portfolio of products consisting of molding compounds and solid sheet that are custom-tailored for glazing applications.

All these products have the following properties:

  • they pass all tests in accordance with ECE R43
  • excellent weather resistance and durability (no additional UV protection required)
  • easy to coat with a customized one-layer scratch-resistant coating system
  • highest break resistance and impact strength
  • good heat deflection temperature under load
  • ease of fabrication
  • excellent optical properties

PLEXIGLAS® Resist AG 100 – molding compound

This specialty molding compound for all thermoplastic processing methods (injection-molding and injection-compression molding applications, as well as extrusion and coextrusion applications) is characterized by

  • a balanced property profile
  • melt viscosity that is adjusted to the relevant processing method
  • clear reduction in reversible clouding at very high and low temperatures
  • the world’s first PMMA molding compound for this application

PLEXIGLAS® Resist AG 100 for vehicle glazing is available in Clear (9V913), as well as in the transparent colors Green (6V176) and Gray (7V275).