Recycling of PLEXIGLAS®:
Post-consumer recycling of back-light units of PMMA screens

Backlight units of screens are often made of high-purity polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and are therefore ideal for chemical recycling. In this process, the polymer (PMMA) is returned to the monomer (MMA) by heating, which can then be used as a raw material for polymerizing PLEXIGLAS® or other products such as reactive resins.

Products made from this have a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared with virgin material. This process clearly distinguishes PMMA from other materials where chemical recycling only produces precursors for monomer production, such as pyrolysis oils.

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High optical quality in combination with
increased long-term service temperature



  • Best-in-class Vicat softening temperature
  • Best-in-class: RTI/UL rating (Resist thermal aging)
  • Typical properties of PLEXIGLAS® are retained (transmittance, weathering, high clarity)
  • Low color shift over long light distances


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The surprising disadvantage of PLEXIGLAS® surfaces: they turn household appliances into real masterpieces.

Domestic appliances with surfaces made from our high-quality PLEXIGLAS® steal the show from everything else in the house. The completely colorless polymers can be colored and molded in almost any number of ways, opening up entirely new possibilities for designers. And since PLEXIGLAS® is also particularly robust, the appliances retain their good looks.

Architectural & Household

PLEXIGLAS® Impact resistant grades

This year, K – The World´s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber celebrated its 70th anniversary – and we have been there from the very beginning!

This year with the following topic highlights:

  • PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds and the K trade fair – an inspirational combination spanning 70 years
  • Circular economy at the heart of the trade fair: PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are sustainable by design
  • Growing portfolio of standard and special molding compounds for the automotive and lighting industries, as well as the household goods sector

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Innovative Products for Pathbreaking Applications

With its trademarks PLEXIGLAS®, PLEXIMID® and CYROLITE®, our Business Unit Molding Compounds offers a complete range of PMMA-based standard, impact-modified and special molding compounds.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds show convincing performance in all applications where the foremost requirements are unexcelled weather resistance, colorfastness, high brilliance and transparency as well as hardness and abrasion resistance. In cooperation with specialists from the plastics industry and their suppliers we develop new PLEXIGLAS® products for innovative applications. This joint development work leads to complete, production-stage solutions for end users.



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Meet us where we are. Come and explore the amazing world of our methacrylate chemistry. There is always something new to know. Innovative products and solutions for your business and new applications for our proven products as well. You are kindly invited.

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