The universe created the sun. All other lights can be created with PLEXIGLAS®.

The great thing about PLEXIGLAS® is that it is always in impressive shape – to be specific, in precisely the shape you require. That’s because our high-performance plastic can be individually formed, making it possible to create entirely new lighting concepts. PLEXIGLAS® also outshines conventional materials in terms of transparency and durability.

Lighting Technologies

PLEXIGLAS® Grades with diffusing effects
PLEXIGLAS® Standard grades

Innovative Products for Pathbreaking Applications

With its trademarks PLEXIGLAS®, PLEXIMID® and CYROLITE®, our Business Unit Molding Compounds offers a complete range of PMMA-based standard, impact-modified and special molding compounds.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds show convincing performance in all applications where the foremost requirements are unexcelled weather resistance, colorfastness, high brilliance and transparency as well as hardness and abrasion resistance. In cooperation with specialists from the plastics industry and their suppliers we develop new PLEXIGLAS® products for innovative applications. This joint development work leads to complete, production-stage solutions for end users.



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Meet us where we are. Come and explore the amazing world of our methacrylate chemistry. There is always something new to know. Innovative products and solutions for your business and new applications for our proven products as well. You are kindly invited.

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