Delivery & Packaging

Physical Forms

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are supplied in injection molding and extrusion quality as pellets of uniform size.

  • Packaging
  • 25 kg, two-ply polyethylene bag
  • 1000 kg and 500 kg carton with polyethylene lining
  • Further forms of packaging, such as silos, on request

All forms of packaging ensure that the molding compound is delivered in such a way that it normally requires no predrying. If correctly stored, the protection offered by the packaging means that very little moisture is absorbed even after several months‘ storage.

Despite the described protection of the molding compound by our specific packaging predrying is recommended for usage in regions with high humidity.

Inspection and Other Certificates

An inspection certificate in line with EN 10204-3.1 can be provided on request.


PLEXIGLAS® molding compound in crystal-clear and standard colors is normally available at short notice.

All other molding compounds are manufactured to order, subject to certain minimum quantities.

Color matching and new colors on request, at a charge.