PLEXIGLAS® crystal-clear molding compound grades are so highly transparent that molded parts and semifinished products manufactured from them provide the maximum possible light transmission of 92 %, i.e. show only the physically unavoidable reflection loss of 4 % at each surface where light enters and exits. This unique clarity makes it possible to obtain particularly pure colors with an outstanding degree of precision.

Standard colors are identified by a five-digit number after the color name. The first digit stands for the main color (in analogy to RAL):

0 = white
1 = yellow
2 = orange
3 = red
4 = purple
5 = blue
6 = green
7 = gray
8 = brown
9 = black and clear

AMECA (Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency)

AMECA-listed colors are available and can be employed for automotive signal purposes. They meet the requirements of SAEJ 576.

Special Colors

We offer a variety of special colors. Among others, these include further colors for signaling applications and lighting engineering, as well as ones with good hiding power for coextrusion.

Further information on the availability of special colors is available on request.