CYROLITE® is used in numerous infusion therapy and blood management components

  • CYROLITE® Acrylic-based copolymers are used in a variety of medical device applications delivering solutions to the stringent needs of the market. These polymers are USP Class VI and ISO 10993-1 compliant, are BPA free and are offered in multiple grades.
  • CYROLITE® is used in medical disposable devices such as, I.V. connectors, Y-sites, luer locks, catheter accessories, filter housings, and syringe components.

CYROLITE® MD is a clear polymer used in medical diagnostics

  • Highly transparent CYROLITE® MD for diagnostics applications. CYROLITE® MD is designed to meet the stringent requirement of the medical diagnostics market.
  • CYROLITE® MD is used especially in diagnostics applications where precise measurement and accurate reading are required.
  • CYROLITE® MD is used in medical diagnostics such as cassettes, cuvettes, rotors and speculums.