PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N

Made from ISCC PLUS-certified raw materials

For PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N fossil resources are proportionally replaced by ISCC PLUS-certified, sustainable raw materials and allocated via mass balancing. That means that the product is chemically identical with PLEXIGLAS® 8N and has congruent product properties – with a 25% lower carbon footprint.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N is already listed by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA) as a material that complies with applicable standards and can therefore be used for optical lenses and reflex reflectors on vehicles.

Available Products

  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N clear
  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N black 9V022

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N
made from ISCC PLUS-certified raw materials

E-Modulus 3300 MPa
Tensile strength 77 MPa
Strain @ break (8N) 5.5%
Charpy unnotched 20 KJ/m²
HDT-A (1,8 MPA) 98°C
HDT-B (0,45 MPA) 103°C
Vicat (B50) 108°C
MVR 3.0 cm³ / 10 min
Transmittance 92%
Haze < 1.0

Risk-free running change in production!

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N


Strong twins and chemically identical products

Chemically identical products

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N is the “green twin” of our well-known industry benchmark PLEXIGLAS® 8N

Risk-free running change for customers

An absolutely risk-free running change of PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N and PLEXIGLAS® 8N resp. vice versa possible

Approvals can be carried over

Approvals for PLEXIGLAS® 8N are transferable to ISCC-PLUS certified PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N (chemically identical)

Immediate switch to green

Possibility to offer customers both: a standard and a sustainable solution for identical products

*ISCC = International Sustainable Carbon Certification; only available for products produced at our Worms production site in Germany