Efficient Gray Colors

PLEXIGLAS® 8N molding compounds are available in five new “signal gray” special colors, that provide improved light transmittance for the red wavelength range.

Each of the five conventional PLEXIGLAS® neutral gray color has now its new improved PLEXIGLAS® gray “partner” for improved energy efficiency.

Spectral transmittance and gray appearance of conventional grades and new grades are very similar.

Market Trend

Current design trends increase the demand for

dark smoke gray rear outer lenses

that must transmit signal lights (typical automotive application)

Current Issue

Dark gray colors require increased number of LEDs or higher voltage to fulfil same light output as demanded by regulation.

Both approaches lead to higher energy consumption.

Röhm Solution

A new set of five new specialty colors “signal gray” for molding compounds with improved light transmittance for red wavelength.

Tailored to our customer’s design and sustainability needs.


  • Well known properties of PLEXIGLAS® remain
  • Currently available in basic grade PLEXIGLAS® 8N
  • Availability in advanced grades e.g., PLEXIGLAS® Heatresist FT15 possible
  • AMECA testing ongoing (approval expected in 2024)
  • Manufactured globally across all key Röhm sites
  • Available in all usual packaging (bulk container on demand)