The Sustainability Mission Statement

Supplying the world with methacrylate innovations to create the goods for a sustainable society

Röhm products are already present in the daily lives of people around the globe—at home, at work, in healthcare or mobility. Whether or not people realize it, Röhm is never far away.

Because of this, we have the rare opportunity to make a positive impact in many areas of people’s lives—and we aim to seize this opportunity. We want to contribute to helping our planet thrive and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for people to live in. Our task is to supply brands and manufacturers with the methacrylate innovations they need to create the goods for a sustainable society.

For Röhm, this means minimizing the environmental footprint of our products and maximizing their potential for positive impact through continuous innovation. This is the aim of Track 2030, the Röhm Group Sustainability Program, which follows the United Nations’ call for a Decade of Action to meet the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

With Track 2030, we seek to integrate sustainability fully into the group’s business as a core component on our way to becoming the leading Methacrylate Verbund. Track 2030 focuses on five fields of action: Climate, Water, Resources, Harmful Substances and Chemical Safety.


Peter Reinhard

Röhm GmbH
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