Depending on the basic molding compound, the impact-modified grades differ in their key properties, such as optimized flow or stress crack resistance. They are suitable for extruding and coextruding profiles and sheets and for injection molding formed parts.


With its special optical characteristics and balanced property spectrum, the zkBR series is the basis for impact-modified PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk4BR

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5BR

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6BR

zkHC Series

This series is characterized by even higher stress crack resistance than that of PLEXIGLAS® zkBR molding compounds.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk4HC

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5HC

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6HC

zkHF Series

The special feature of this series of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds as compared with other impact-modified grades is its excellent flow.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk5HF

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk6HF

zk Series

These grades show much higher impact strength than the above-mentioned molding compounds.

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk20

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk30

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk40

  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist zk50

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