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PLEXIGLAS® glazing offers freedom of design in all thermoplastic forming processes and is lighter and tougher than glass. Moreover, PLEXIGLAS® allows functional integration of automotive body parts and light components. PLEXIGLAS® can be formed more freely than glass and is more easily processed: Extremely low bending radii are possible, for example.

rendering of a car

PLEXIGLAS® components combining a number of functions also contribute to attractive design, as exemplified in a fixed window with black trim and rear light, all in one. Components combined in this way present a more homogeneous appearance than individual parts, and functional integration serves to reduce recess depth and assembly costs. 

Integrated components also save weight: PLEXIGLAS® glazing is about 40 to 50 percent lighter than conventional glass panels and simultaneously more break resistant.

A persuasive factor in favor of PLEXIGLAS® for the automotive industry is also the good ecological footprint of PLEXIGLAS®, which has been determined over the entire life cycle in accordance with DIN ISO 14040ff and confirmed. And at the end of a car’s life, PLEXIGLAS® can be 100 percent recycled and in principle reused for transparent applications.

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PLEXIGLAS® for Automotive  (pdf, 1.37 MB)