PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC for brilliant bathrooms

  • Novel acrylic product for seamless wall paneling in sanitary areas
  • High design versatility, simple processing
  • Abrasion-resistant surface; motif and color back printing possible

Weiterstadt, Germany. In German bathrooms, floor and wall tiles still rule. But in recent years a trend has been observed toward continuous smooth surfaces. The novel PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC for wall paneling now offers an option allowing seamless design coupled with a sophisticated appearance and fast processing.

For many architects, tradespersons, or interior designers redesigning or refurbishing existing sanitary areas, the crucially important criteria in selecting suitable system and material solutions are the realization of individual customer requirements, efficient installation, and high flexibility in on-site processing.

In comparison with materials already available on the market, clear PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC satisfies these requirements ideally. This material, with its sophisticated visual appearance, allows great freedom of design for motif and color printing on the back of the panel and captivates the eye with its fascinating relief effects.

PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC can be supplied as large-format panels that can be accurately cut to size and easily adapted to the existing room architecture. Thanks to its low weight, high resistance to breakage, abrasion-resistant surface, and good working properties, it is well able to withstand the rigors of a building site environment.

For the end user, the high resistance to abrasion and chemicals result in a long useful life and simple cleaning of the wall paneling. And there’s an added plus that’s not entirely unimportant: PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC drastically reduces noise and dust pollution in the refurbishment of a bathroom. This is because the old wall tiles need not be removed, and the segments to be installed can be fabricated away from the installation site, allowing fast working at the site itself.


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